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Consistency is the last refuge of the


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Over the course of many years of research and reading, I have been moved by many phrases and inspirational quotes.

I am fond of the writings of Irish poet, Oscar Wilde, and inspired by one of his most memorable; ‘Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative’

Whilst consistency is never really a bad thing, it gives permission to stop, it stifles innovation and suppresses creativity.

Triple Loop Learning

Triple Loop refers to Triple Loop Learning. This can be put simply with three questions:

Triple Loop Behavioural Management
Triple Loop Capital Program Management
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At Triple Loop, we seek to enliven every endeavour by ensuring that these three questions are never far from the conversation, where every day can be more enjoyable, purposeful, and successful than the previous.'
- Paul MacKeddie, Owner

Paul Mackeddie owner Triple Loop
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About Triple Loop

Triple Loop is a Strategic Asset and Program Management consultancy, offering significant expertise in the delivery of large scale capital programs as well as the development of strategic Asset Management systems and plans for organisations.

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